Sebastian Smith: Is Knowledge a Gift or Curse


Opening my eyes I find myself with blurry vision. Not sure what’s going on I try to rub my eyes only to find my arms not responding. Now properly freaking out I try to call for my dog because for some reason that’s what comes to mind.


‘What? Why is there a baby crying? I don’t have any kids yet! Nor am I married!’ I think as I continue to call for Bandit, my dog.


‘Why is that baby crying still. Where is it anyways?’

“Oh is little Sebastian hungry?” Some lady comes in talking in that baby talk voice.

‘Thank god someones here to shut the baby up, but what is she doing in my house?’

Feeling a large pair of hands pick me up I realized something………..I was the baby crying! What the? I think as I feel something shoved into my mouth, and in that second of being flabbergasted my mouth does its own thing and begins sucking.


After that traumatic event I fall back to sleep. I mean yeah I like sucking on boobs during sex if the girl shoved them in my face, but it’s an entirely different thing when you’re an infant and have memories of an adult!

Waking up again my vision is still blurry which sucks but could be explained away as being an infant. Just hope I don’t need glasses, sure the majority of my family had to wear them but I didn’t have to so I’d like to keep it that way.


Date: Unknown

Location: a house somewhere

Mission: walk without help

Yup it’s been close to a year maybe since I woke up in a baby’s body. I’ve crawled, Ive teethed those hurt coming in and chewing seems to help, I’ve toddled, I’ve talked, I’ve rolled over like a dog, and now for my final trick I shall walk by myself with no one helping me! Most importantly my eyesight has cleared up instead of being a mosaic.

Because babies sleep a lot I’ve been able to meditate and it helps retain my sense of self but I slowly slipping if I don’t catch myself. I don’t want to be a baby but I know it’s just part of the growing up process. Hopefully this life will be better than my last one. Whilst I am having my inner monologue debating on my existence my feet and legs are working to walk while my arms are acting as balance weights. Suddenly I am scooped up and brought to a decorated room full of adults and a small minority of children.

It also happens to be one of my cousins birthdays…..first cousin since my mom is a cousin to the parents of the birthday child. I think that’s how it goes anyway. Seeing that quite a few people are wearing robes and funny hats my eyes bug out.

I knew I was somewhere in Britain as that’s what the vent sounded like but to be in the Potterverse………hold up how do I know if they actually are magical and not just dressing up? Looking around I don’t see anything overtly magical happening so it must be dress up. Damnit I’d really like to be a wizard or a Jedi.


The party wasn’t all that long, and most of the adults left after a few hours. Still it was larger than any birthday party I can remember for myself in my past life. I was attached to my moms hips while she spoke to her cousin, Adam Jackson. Feeling a sneeze coming on I don’t even try to hold it back.


Rubbing my nose I start when I look at my hand. It’s purple! Wide eyed and looking at my hands I hear a chuckle from Adam. Looking at him like he’s nuts, he turns to my mom to explain as she’s rightfully freaking out.

“Don’t worry about it I’ll get him back to normal Nancy, and I’ll explain what this means as well.” Adam said as he waves his wand and I turn back to my normal slightly tan skin pigmentation.

“Now what Sebastian just did is called ‘accidental magic’ it’s a sign that he has magic. Now normally the Ministry Of Magic would have someone come and explain this to you if this had happened at your house. But as it happened at mine then they won’t be barging in anytime soon. Remember when I went to that school up in Scotland and couldn’t tell you about it?”

Seeing my mother nod he continues.

“ I went to a school named Hogwarts, it’s a school for witches and wizards to learn how to control their magic. European wizards use wands while African use hand gestures and the Asian countries use handseals and/or Talismans.

“There’s an even more important thing you guys should know. There’s a war going on in Magical Britain right now based on ones blood status. There’s a Dark Lord leading forces known-“

I tune him out as I fall asleep as the sneeze and accidental magic knocks the wind out of my sails.


After that bought of accidental magic I try my hand at wandless magic.

‘Use the Force Luke.’

And all that jazz, I start by meditating with the intent to find my magical core or mindscape. It took me an entire year to reach a meditative state, then another month to find my mindscape.

Finding my mindscape was easy enough so I began building it first before trying to find my core. I could feel it but it was like the sun, there but very far away. Had I known how true that statement was later on I’d smack myself in the head.

I made my mindscape like how I formed my OCs from when I wrote fanfiction. The first defense was a nebula that surrounded my mindscape in its entirety. Next I had starships from a few different sci fi series I liked. Next I had a sun in the center of the nebula with a single planet orbiting it with two moons orbiting said planet. On the surface of the planet I modeled it after earth but with more bizarre plants and animals.

I hid my memory library in a valley named Valley of Whispers as it acted like a natural sound proofing and you could only hear a whisper if someone was speaking inside of it.

I built multiple temples of learning across the planets surface that had to do with magic or magic-like things, i.e. Tythons Je’daii Temple, Fire Temple, Air Temple, Earth Temple, Water Temple, etc.

The two moons were modeled after Tythons twin satellites; Ashla and Bogan. They each had a temple on their surface for meditation on the light and dark respectively. I didn’t know how much I’d be using them in the coming years either, but they became a place for me to truly collect my thoughts.


I figured out that my birthday was the same from what I could remember of my past life’s. September 1st, I also found out what year it was, with it being 2000 and the date for my third birthday. Which is off from what I remember from my past life. By how far I don’t know, as I’m slowly losing bits and pieces of those kinds of memory’s as they’re being replaced with ones from this life. Like my name for example, I do believe that up until Nancy Smith picked me up that first night I could remember my past life’s name but once she said ‘Sebastian’ my subconsciousness replaced my first name with it.

I can talk in complete sentences now but I can’t sing very well, luckily I don’t think I’m tone deaf it’s just that I’m out of practice. Uncle Adam comes over quite often to read to me from books on magical theories and such. He believes its helping me learn how to read and neither of my parents seem to be bothered by it, so it should be okay. My mom reads picture books to me and they’re just as lovable as when I remember reading them, Dr Seuss for the win! Dad, Richard Smith, reads a lot of mechanic and vehicle magazines whenever I sit in his lap.

Life’s going good, Uncle Adam got me a toy that teaches you how to say different colors when it lights up as well as the color in another language. Smart guy getting a gift like that. Mom has taken to teaching me sign language after seeing Uncle Adam teaching me the Oriental Handseals meant for Mahoujutsu. Dad’s started teaching me numbers and simple addition and subtraction as well as making sure I know how to color inside the lines on a drawing.

If only this could’ve lasted till I was an adult.


August 23rd, 2001 a day that shall haunt my dreamscape for the next few years. It had been a week after Uncle Adam went missing, the war had heated up and he got caught up in it. The warning stone that he had given us earlier that year lit up in a red color right before the door blew off its hinges. Mom shoved me into a cupboard to hid me. I didn’t have much room to shift around in but I knew better than to make even a squeak. Dad shot three times before being hit with a blue spell that wrenched the gun from his grasp.

The Death Eaters that came into the house weren’t wearing masks but had them hanging from their hips. I knew a few right off the bat as time hadn’t changed them too much from the movies. There was Lucius Malfoy leading them or at least posturing as the leader, Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail, Severus Snape, and Barty Crouch Jr. as well as two others I didn’t recognize. Severus and Lucius were limping and had sneers on their faces that made them actually look quite frightening. While they don’t scare me as much as that bear from my past life that I had too fight off during a Boy Scout camping trip, they certainly scared mom.

“Lets just get this over with.” Pettigrew said in his wheezy voice.

“What? You want them to get away with killing Nott?” Crouch Jr said looking at Pettigrew as if he were mad.

“Quiet you two, we only have a few minutes till the muggle police arrive and the Dark Lord wants a clean and swift kill of all the muggles on this block.” Malfoy says hushing the two bumbling idiots.

Thinking back to the words my Uncle Adam had said about the Dark Lord as well as the date I really shouldn’t be too surprised about it. When he had first mention a ‘Dark Lord’ I had thought maybe someone else had rose up after Harry had defeated Voldemort during the Battle of Hogwarts. But seeing that Wormtail is alive and kicking makes me believe that maybe Harry was born last year and that most of the events from the books were shunted twenty years into the future in this world. Wide eyed thinking that this world is an alternate universe of Harry Potter I cannot peel my eyes from my parents.

What happened next would be burned into my memory for all eternity. All six of them cast the killing curse at my parents, three for each of them, and walked out as if nothing happened or was wrong. When I heard the resounding crack of apparition I knew that it was safe to come out. With the a creak the cupboard door opened and I tumbled out and lay in between my parents, their bodies already cold because of the curse. With a breath I swore that the six of them would pay for what they had done.

I was asleep when the cops came and continued to until I woke up in a hospital bed where I was asked if I could explain to the police what had happened. Telling them the names of the people I heard speaking, embellishing it with their full names because they were angry about the aggressive way of opening the door instead of making it a clean operation. I told them the names Peter Pettigrew, Lucius Malfoy, Barty Crouch Jr, Severus Snape, and someone who was only called Nott. I don’t know what they ever did as I fell back to sleep after that.


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