Brainfart 17:1526:1900i

Just something that popped into my head and I wrote it down.

The year is 2027, it’s been nearly seven years since World War 3 started. It began when the party lost the bid for the White House once more in 2020. They began influencing tensions in the Middle East and smuggling weapons into the hands of terrorists. Then on December 25th, 2020 the opening shots were fired and an army of two hundred thousand Islamic extremists charged Israel. The Israeli Nationals Army was able to beat them back but the damage was done. More Islamic extremists vowed revenge and started bombing Israel. America answered by helping their ally which brought Egypt and Libya into the war on the side of the Islamic Extremists.

To people later on they could see that’s when the beginning of the next world war started. Members of the Muslim community in America and Canada began openly attacking Jews and Christians. Kidnapping women and children. The demoncrats in the senate and house said to not do anything as of what was happening was a hoax to incite further unrest. The majority of us didn’t buy it, and began organizing ourselves into a Militia. In 2022 the President of the United States was assainated as well as everyone else in the line of succession. The Democrats seizes this opportunity to gain control of the White House. With the Senate and House majority they began writing in their beloved gun laws.

That’s when the second American civil war began with the opening round taking place right inside Washington DC when a man refused to allow his gun to be taken away from him illegally. He was shot and killed while the police officers became Swiss cheese. For two years the Civil war was fought and won by the group known as American Freedom Fighters.

In the World War it was fought on three sides, the Neo Axis which was the Muslims countries, Austria, Czechslavkia, Turkey, and south Germany, the Allies; America, Canada, Japan, Israel, Russia, UK, North Germany, Poland, Spain, Mexico, South America, Australia,Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, South Korea, and France, while the last side was called the Communist for All who had; the rest of the countries.

The war seemed unending, it most likely did but I didn’t see it. I lay in one of the many battlefields slowly dying from blood loss. Gazing up into the smoke covered sky my eyesight begins to fade. I don’t want to die, I want to live. I want to see my goddaughter and son play more. I want to see my wife’s blue eyes, I want to live.

“I want to live.” My voice croaks out of my mouth as my parched lips crack and bleed.

A mortar mustve went off near me since I went flying with a bunch of dirt as my consciousness faded.

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