Lunar Dragon Empire Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2

New Beginnings

‘The game was to shut down but why am I not in my DiveMount in the hospital?’ Thinks Alphonse as he opens his eyes and scans the room. Anthurium Blackpetal was sitting in the throne he made with her hand midair trying to press something. Looking towards the Generals and the other NPCs they’re still kneeling only they are looking at Anthurium and him. Now Anthurium is looking at him too.


“Yes your Majesty!” The General of the 1st Army stands and then kneels in front of Alphonse.

“Send out four scouting parties in the cardinal directions in a 1 mile radius, and make sure the outer wall is defended.” Alphonse said.

“As you wish your Majesty.” With a bow General of the 1st Army: Flint Williams, left the Throne Room.

Turning to the remaining four generals Alphonse noticed something, they were all looking at him expectantly and with worry. Showing them a gentle smile to try and reassure them, he had them all return to their domains to defend them if need be.

“I’d like the rest of you to return to your domains. Fortify them if needed and monitor the Transport Gates, write down who goes through them and what their business is. Also no one is to leave the Outer Gates until the scout teams come back and report. Dismissed!” Alphonse then stands up and heads out of the Throne Room himself to head to his study. “I’ll be in my office if you need to contact me. Rachael, bring me the agricultural reports and the other ones I haven’t looked at, Anthurium come with me.”

As one of the maids, Rachael, went to retrieve the reports the rest of them went about their duties. Two Imperial Guards walked alongside Alphonse and Anthurium as they head to Alphonse’ study. The Imperial Guards uniforms main theme was a dark blue armor or robes with gold(70), mithril(65), silver(60), cobalt(55), copper(50) embroidery and crests denoting rank. The two that were currently with them were a Imperial Dragoon Guard and a Imperial Mage Guard, both were Gold Rank(level 70). As they neared the studies door two Silver Rank Imperial Guards opened the door for them and the four went inside.

As the door shut behind them Alphonse sits down in his chair and begins looking over the paperwork on his desk. Anthurium sits on one of the couches while the two Guards stand on either side of the room. The entire time Alphonse and Anthurium were walking though they were having a telepathic conversation.

‘How can you be so calm?!’ Exclaimed Anthurium as she mentally starts smashing pots they are passing. I mean I get that you were always the calm, cool, and collected kind of Guildmaster. But still!’

‘Well, let’s just say that I’m taking things as they come. The Founding members of this guild…..or rather country already know this but you and the others don’t. I had heart cancer.” Alphonse answered as he lead the way to the study. ‘And before you ask why I used past tense to say that. I’ve already checked my health and such using my Primordial Dragon of Life abilities. Specifically [Observe Life Force] normally it can be used as a means of tracking a specific person or thing, but I can also use it to check the targets body. Kinda like a X-Ray, and MRI put together.’

‘Mumble mumble mumble mumble’ was some of the last things Anthurium said before they reached the study. After that they continued to talk until Rachael came in with the reports she was asked for. Another maid came in with some light snacks, of the seafood variety. When Alphonse had finished with the papers and various reports, many were finalized bills for road repair and infrastructure, along with the amounts of grains, minerals, salts, etcetera, it was around four in the morning.

Looking about his study he saw that Anthurium had fallen asleep and was in the form of a Fluffy Fox, one of the top ten favorite pets to get in YGGDRASIL, speaking of which he should go visit his pets soon. Chuckling lightly he picks her up and chuckles some more as she begins to nuzzle up to him. Telling the guards he’ll be back soon they nod and he teleports to Anthuriums’ room. Laying her down on her bed he puts the blanket over her and teleports back to his study.

Once back in his study he picks up the glass of water that was there and drinks it. He had already sensed that there wasn’t any poison or anything like it in the water, just some lemon and lime juice. He took a mental note that he’d have to get used to his new abilities sometime soon. Putting on the Ring of Sustenance he continued to work on other things that weren’t in the reports he had received as he waited until the scout report came in. It was another hour before that time though.

Outer Wall: North Gate

Looking around one could see plains with black mist floating up. The black mist being miasma (mana with copious amounts of negative energy) generated low level Undead from time to time. They would labor their bodies over to the gates but would be purified by the Holy aura radiating off of the Walls. The aura only activates when a large amount of Miasma is present in the vicinity that could effect the inhabitants of the castle-town. The Undead soldiers that would patrol the Walls during their shift would be fine as they were recognized as citizens/guards and wouldn’t be disintegrated.

Currently the soldiers in front of the gate are waiting for the return of the scouting team that left two hours ago. The scouting team was made up of twelve individuals: two heavy tankers, two light swordsman, two rangers, three priests, and three healers. This was the typical set up for scouting in a miasmic area, the fact that they weren’t back yet was because they were scouring the area for clues to their whereabouts. Either that or they were busy playing with the new equipment that the Emperor sent out for the armies.

Seeing the silhouettes of the returning scout team the guards readied to open the doors but also to strike out at them should they have turned into enemies. Luckily they weren’t turned into enemies, so the guards let them back into the barracks. The team then went to report on what they had seen before heading to the bath to wash off the miasma smell. The captain who took the report then went to the general to give it to him. General Flint Williams then copied the report, filed his copy away and sent the original to his majesty the Emperor.

Sighing Flint took out his pipe and began taking a few puffs. Leaning back in the chair he thought over what he heard in the reports: ‘In a one mile radius of here is nothing but an Undead Spawning area. Request for airborne reconnaissance to try and get a better view.’ He would’ve granted the request but that’ll have to wait till daylight before that. Checking the time at 4:30am he decided to get some shut eye before getting up in a few hours. Teleporting to his house in the First Realm he took a bath then went to bed with his wife.

Imperial Castle, Emperors’ Office

Having received the news that they’re basically in the middle of a miasmic wasteland Alphonse decides to use this to his advantage. By using purification spells one can turn a miasmic wasteland into immensely fertile farmland. Alphonse could do it all at once using a Super-Tier Spell but decided against it and set a plan in motion to have the priests use purification spells around the Guild Base. Also to have Adventurers escort priests and spirit mages to help with the purification of the land and explore it. During that would be the creation of roads and villages that would grow into towns or even cities!

Trying to calm himself down from his imaginary new kingdom/city building game mode, he decided to also send out merchants to the neighboring countries, if there are any. He should have human merchants go first to feel the lay of the land, so there wouldn’t be any disputes because of racial issues. Especially since he knew there were a few Undead merchants in the Merchant Guild. Taking out three forms he contemplated which ones to fill out, the first was the Merchant Guild Registration, the second was the Adventurers Guild Registration, and the third was the Magicians’ Guild Registration. Looking at the forms he saw a section that stated he could be part of two but not all three.

Thinking about it he filled out the Adventurers one and the Merchants one, this way when he sent his merchants and Adventurers he could blend in. Drawing up the plans he filled out some more paperwork and looked at the time. It was 5:30am, deciding that he can look over the new papers he was making for himself later he went to his bedroom to change his clothes and came back to the office. What he was now wearing could be said as more formal than casual clothes, a dark green dress shirt with the Guild Emblem embroidered over the heart in gold, silver, red, and grey thread, and a pair of dark green jeans with black military boots. He then told the guards he was heading to his Garden.

Anyone that purchased, tamed, or otherwise received pets in YGGDRASIL would be given a key. This key acted as a way to open a separate dimension called the Garden. It was where most people would keep their Pets when they aren’t using them or playing with them. The Garden automatically fed the Pets and groomed them if necessary and would expand itself as needed and built new areas to accommodate the pets going in. Some Players had enough pets that a small-to-medium scale dungeon was generated by the key to take care of the pets. Some people never used the item and had their pets attached to talismans or items so they could just call their name and they would come. Others would use them to bolster their Guild Base.

Alphonse kept his pets in the Garden unless he was going to let them out to play. Most of his pets he received from quests and just finding them. Others he tamed and bought. His Garden was around the size of a medium-large scale dungeon. Mainly because of some of the pets breeding, and the larger ones. Opening the doorway with the Garden Dimension Key he stepped inside.

One hour later (6:35am)

After checking up on his pets and playing with them for an hour Alphonse decided to leave and eat breakfast himself. With a red Fluffy Fox on his head he made his way to the Imperial Dining Hall. Before he arrived he made sure to wash up and change clothes again, don’t want to eat wearing muddied clothes. Wearing a fresh set of clothes he entered the hall and sat down. He then ordered a meal and waited for it to arrive.

Anthurium had already arrived and was eating a bowl of fruit and oatmeal with a bacon and egg sandwich on the side, to drink she had a glass of orange juice. Thinking that the table was quite large then remembering that it was designed this way by one of the guilds best craftsmen, he didn’t bother with it. As he set the Fluffy Fox down on the table for it to not be on his head when he’s eating, Anthurium asked him about the situation.

“So how does it look?” She asked.

“Well the markets and economy are doing fine, we’ll need to establish friendships with surrounding nations for exporting our surplus crops and goods. That is if we have any neighboring countries. We also seem to be in the middle of a miasmic wasteland, we’ll be purifying it shortly and doing a land reclamation project for it so we can soon expand our territory.” Alphonse answered as he thanked a maid who had just brought him food for him and the Fluffy Fox. Looking at his meal he was happy, an American style breakfast of a Farmers omelette, Texas Toast, fruit preserves and a coffee. For the Fluffy Fox was a bowl of various toasted nuts and a bowl of water. After chewing a bite of food Alphonse continued his thoughts. “After establishing a forward base of operations I’ll send out merchants to try and establish the trade between countries. I just wonder how much our monetary standards differ.”

“I was talking about if we could go home.” Anthurium said meekly.

If Alphonse’s memory serves him right then Anthurium Blackpetal was a high school student before being transferred here yesterday. Trying to think of a way to cheer her up he mentions his plan of exploring the world.

“Well how about we try and explore this world a bit longer? I know I’d rather be here than back there thanks.” Alphonse says with slight disdain for what Earth had become. Finishing his meal he told Anthurium if she wanted to find him he’d be in his study by 8:30am and with that he left her to her thoughts.

Imperial Dining Hall

With Anthurium

‘Did he really have to say it like that?’ She thought, ‘I mean I didn’t really care for back home too’

Her thoughts were then interrupted by a small girl in pajamas walking into the room holding a teddy bear. The girl looked around and saw Anthurium, so she went up to her and asked if she knew where Alphonse was.

“Do you know where Alphonse is?” The small girl asked.

“Not right now but he said he’ll be in his study around 8:30.” Anthurium answered as she finished her food.

“Okay…..bye then.” With that the little girl left.

‘Who is that anyways?’ Thought Anthurium as she watched the girl go and walk with a maid.

Lunar Dragon Empire: a guild made during the second year of YGGDRASIL. With close to a couple thousand guild members it was easily one of the largest guilds. Even if some players treated it as a stepping stone to be safe during their low level days, it was still one of the most powerful guilds. It was built with the intentions of utilizing the games ‘freedom’ and ‘creation’ aspects to their fullest. It was a gathering of some of the best craftsmen, warriors, mages, writers, etc. to try and make their own country. They established laws and various other things like national events and such. Due to the amount of members in the guild the number of Custom NPCs provided by them (doesn’t include ones made from conquering the pre-existing castle that became the Guild Base) was monstrous, the sheer amount made it almost impossible to count without reaching four digits. ‘These people have way to much time on their hands’ -was a shared quote from five of the nine Founding Members.

As Anthurium was a relatively new Player to the game and therefore member of L.D.E. She didn’t know hardly any of the Player Created Custom NPCs. The girl that had just spoke to her was a memento left by one of the Founding Members for Alphonse. But seeing that he hardly ever went to the floor of the castle that had the female members rooms (Girls Dorm) he never saw the girl except in passing as she went about her duties.


Authors Note: Player Created Custom NPCs…..aka Personal NPCs, not belonging to the Guild Base, in my story before some Players quit the game they ‘gifted’ their Personal NPCs to the Guild Base. As long as they don’t participate in the defense of the Guild Base during an invasion then they don’t get deleted by the Ariadne system. Although ownership is transferred to the guild, they do not register in the Guild Base Custom NPC list. And for some of you who haven’t read Overlord: The Exiled, then read it, the Royal Guard are NPCs that have been trained by players instead of just ‘gifting’ the NPC levels to them. They only Guard the Castle so they’re basically like the NPCs on the 8th floor of Nazarick extremely hard to fight against.

I’d like to say thank you to all the Favs, Follows, and the two Reviews. Before you ask yes Ainz will be making an appearance in this story. Just not yet.

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