LDE Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1-4

The Empress, The Generals, and The Lunarians

Authors Note: if you don’t already know here’s a disclaimer; The Overlord Universe is made and owned by Kugane Maruyama. I own only my OCs and their actions.

If you’re wondering why it took so long to get this chapter out, I have zero time on my hands. I live and work on a dairy farm so I don’t have much time during certain parts of the year. I hope that you all understand this, as I’d much rather spend time writing or reading than the work load I currently have to carry.

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Chapter 1-4

The Empress, The Generals, and The Lunarians

-Imperial Dining Hall-

“Lumia” Alphonse says as he walks through the open doorway of the dining hall.

With a gentle smile befitting her elegant appearance, Lumia gets up from her seat and glides over to Alphonse before kissing him on the lips.

“Alphonse, my dear you should look at your face. You appear to have seen a ghost, not that it would be odd, seeing as how we do have some who work as maids here. Anyways you must be famished from working through lunch.” The assertiveness of his NPC ‘wife’ caught Alphonse off guard but he quickly takes her hand and leads the way.

“That I am honey, although later I would like to ask why you left me with your domestic affairs paperwork, it is time to eat.” Alphonse says with just the right amount of sarcasm and seriousness.

After pulling the seat out for Lumia and pushing it into the table like a gentleman, Alphonse sits down. The maids then place a glass of Dragon Fruit Tea in front of everyone, they then excuses themselves to go and retrieve their food.

Tonight’s meal would consist of roasted vegetables with a melted cheese for the appetizer. The soup would be a light beef broth with onions and bread to dip in, the fish would be a salt roasted salmon, and the salad would be a simple tossed salad. The main course is roasted rabbit with mashed potatoes with corn and peas as a side dish. Then dessert would be a ruby strawberry sorbet.

Enjoying the meal in relative silence the members at the table are; Alphonse Von Lusolth, Lumia Von Lusolth, Anthurium Blackpetal, and Vanessa Lobo. After they had finished their meal Alphonse motioned for everyone to follow him. They made their way to one of the meeting rooms that the castle had in an orderly and elegant fashion.

-3rd Meeting Room, Room of Expansion-

Upon arriving, the group of four saw General Flint Matchstick, Admiral Laura el Oceania, General Alfa Sintaria, General Yroh’Dahto, and General Vomelsi Hardhammeri Î standing besides one of the seats. After everyone was seated at the meeting table Alphonse took out a map of Nythelond Umaren and its surroundings. Placing it on the table before he spoke in an authoritarian tone of voice.

“Now due to the fact we don’t have a whole lot of information on our current situation I’ll explain some of the ‘game plan’ for right now.” Alphonse said before taking a deep breath.

“The immediate area around us as far as we can see is a Miasmic Wasteland. What we’ve already done so far is purify the surrounding area in a 50 mile radius around us. We’ve also had some of the Druids and farmers till the ground and plant trees and grasses. After seeing how they are growing we’ll then move onto crop production.” Alphonse pauses as he moves onto the next part.

“We also have already started the construction of four Forward Operations Bases at the 50 mile marks in the cardinal directions. I plan on at least expanding to the edge of the wasteland before pursuing international dialogue. But if we come across another nation in the meantime we’ll open a dialogue with them then.”

Alphonse then stops to look at the individuals gathered, trying to get a read on them.

“Any questions or suggestions so far?”

“Maybe we should only go to 80 miles in radius for right now. We don’t know if this miasma was of natural causation or artificial.” Lumia said with her brow furrowed.

“Thanks Lumia. Anyone else?” Alphonse says as he looks to see if anyone else had their hands raised.

“I suggest that if we come across a mountain or a cave system we search for minerals and such. That way we have another source for them, besides using the mines in the Third Realm, sire.” General Vomelsi Hardhammeri Î said while stroking his beard and looking at the map.

“To add onto that I suggest that we look for a river coursing through here…” Admiral Laura el Oceania says running her hand across the map.

“… Hopefully it leads to a larger body of water, or better yet a sea. If the books in the library are to be believed, then sea-trade is quite a profitable means of gathering resources and intelligence.”

“Thank you General Hardhammeri Î and Admiral Oceania. Moving along to the next order of business, we were contacted at approximately 0400 this morning by Fortress Luminaria. They appear to be in this world as well, as well as in the same situation we are in with not knowing what’s going on outside of our immediate area. I’ve agreed to go there to help reestablish a teleportation gate between our cities.” Alphonse firmly stated, gathering his nerve to hopefully not buckle if there’s an outburst from one of the Former NPCs.

“I will be taking a Light Cruiser with three Interceptors and two flight squadrons with me as escorts. Anymore and I think Nythelond Umaren would be under-defended in my opinion. This is non-negotiable so don’t ask for more.” Thankful that there wasn’t an outburst Alphonse continues…

“Hopefully the journey won’t take too long.” Alphonse states as he looks across the table to everyone present. Seeing them nod their heads in the affirmative he continues.

“Whilst that’s all I had planned on talking about, does anyone want to bring up another issue that they think should be discussed at this time?”

“Milord about the terms of service for our men and women of arms, I do know that it is a written law for all people to serve at least five years in the military. Also that Adventurers are exempt from these terms of service as long as they participate in emergencies. For those who attend our military academies, can we count one of those years as part of the five years they are to serve?” General Yroh’Dahto asked while looking Alphonse in the eye.

“The people who attend our military academies are doing so because they wish to serve more than five year minimum, and wish to rise in the ranks of our military. So I don’t see the point of doing so at this moment. If in the future there appears someone who attends the academy, and does not wish to stay in service of our military after the five years, then we may bring it back up. But, until then we will continue our current stature on the five year service.” Alphonse answers while not breaking eye contact with the Voldur General.

“On another point Milord, I was wondering if we could have every soldier learn the proper way of treating firearms. Such as how to clean, fire, dismantle, and reassemble them. I think it’d be in our soldiers best interest if we do so. That way there’s less of a chance of someone unlearned about the weapon accidentally hurting themselves.” Gen. Yroh’Dahto said with a look of a general wanting.

“I don’t plan on replacing all our soldiers with Marines, General. But I do think it’d be best for the entirety of our armed forces to know these weapons. I myself am rather impartial to the M1 Garand I received as a gift from your father, Founder Denil’Lontin.” Alphonse said as he remembered the WW2 weapon that he kept in his room.

“Might I suggest using our countries Adventurers to help scout out the areas? Of course they should be the more Humanoid of our citizenry, because if this is anything like what the books in my Creators library is like, then our first meet and greet with the locals will most likely be with humans.” General Flint Matchstick says as he looks over the map some more.

‘Ah, shit! I forgot to have the Warden of the Adventurers Guild come to the meeting.’ Alphonse hurriedly thinks to himself.

“Yes, if you’d like to inform Warden Mustang, then that’d be appreciated. If I had remembered that he was currently in the capital I would have invited him to the meeting as well.” Alphonse admits, eliciting a few chuckles from the Generals.

“I will once the meeting is adjourned, but we should also limit which Adventurer Ranks can participate in this. I suggest it be a Silver Rank and above Quest.” Gen. Flint said as he stroked his goatee.

“Granted. That is probably for the best. Anything you want to add General Sintaria?” Alphonse asked the silent General of the Air Force.

“Nothing that I can think of milord. The plan itself is well thought out, and I’m afraid of repeating things that have already been said with different wording.” The General said with a playful smile. “But, if I could ask something pertaining to my forces.”

“I have no issue with that. By all means.”

“Thank you, milord. My question is once we finish this ‘Land Reclamation and Expansion’ of our country, may we construct a few air fields and Air Force training camps upon the new land?” The General respectfully asks.

‘I see no issue with this. We’ll have to build other bases and such anyways.’ Alphonse thinks as he scratches his chin.

“I see no issue with this. We’ll also construct other military bases once this first plan is finished.” Alphonse answers as he notices that no one else seems to have anything to say.

“Without further discussion I formally adjourn this meeting.”

“Glory to the Motherland. Hail the Emperor and Empress. Long shall we prosper.”

The former NPCs salute, and say the phrase that the Founding Guild Members used to say when they finished with a meeting. Smiling Alphonse salutes back and says his part.

“Forever may we Prosper.”

After Alphonse said this, the Former NPCs brought their hands back down to their side and bowed before leaving.

-Hallway of the Castle Nythelond-

“Our Emperor is rather interesting.”

“Oh? What do you mean by that Flint?”

“He has a rather non-empirical aura around him. As in he’s not what you might think of when you first hear the title, ‘Lunar Dragon Emperor’. Does that make sense to you?” Flint explains as he and his peers continue down the hallway.

“Now that you mention it, he’s more like a King than an Emperor, at least by some of the standards he would be. But knowing how he’s ruled so far Emperor is a good fit for him.” Gen. Yroh’Dahto said as he scratches his chin.

“I have to agree, but there is something that bugs me.”

“What would that be Laura?” Gen. Matchstick casually asks.

“That’s Admiral Oceania to you playboy. The thing that bugs me is that there’s no heir to the throne yet. Normally, with a country that has existed for three thousand years, there’d be at least one right?” Adm. Oceania says while throwing Gen. Matchstick a dirty look.

“Whoa, there! No need to get hostile Admiral. We’re all on the same side here!” Gen. Sintaria says as he throws his hands up and gets in between the two.

Before long everyone shares a good natured laugh as they head towards their next destination; a bar they frequently visit in the capital.

-Alphonse’s Bedroom-

“Ne, Alphonse.~ Is there something you’d like to tell me?” Lumia asks as she and Alphonse sit at a table on his room’s balcony.

“Yes, there is something I should tell you.” Alphonse says as he looks at her.

Lumia Von Lusolth. The Empress NPC that Alphonse created with the help of Miranda, Charlie Angelos, and Villager C.

She is a Lunar Draconian. The main characteristics of this race is its silvery white hair that has a bluish glow in the moonlight, with eyes deep blue like a ocean contrasting her black sclera whose veins were white like stars. White horns were adorned above her eyes next to her hairline, her ears pointed like an elf’s, with small white scales covering them, as well as she also having them around her eyes, and on various other places.

One of the most surprising things is when Lumia blushes her cheeks turn a blue color instead of red. The inside of her mouth is also of blue coloration instead of red as well.

She is currently wearing a light blue cheongsam dress with silver embroidery of roses on it, wrapped on her shoulders is a dark blue shawl to ward off the chilly night air. She also wears no make up except for light blue lipstick.

(The player who designed her ‘dress code’ said, ‘When you think of an Empress, don’t you normally think of Oriental clothing?’ While she does have western gowns and dresses, she prefers the Oriental style clothing.)

‘Ah as I thought she probably is too good for someone like me, I just hope that she’ll give me a chance with her.’ Alphonse thinks as he looks at her.


“Honey, out with it. You’re thinking instead of talking again.” Lumia says in a small huff as she pokes his cheek.

“Yeah, what I’m going to tell you might be a shock but, please refrain from questions until after I’m done. Please?” Alphonse asks as he smiles at her.

Seeing her nod her head he continues.

“My real name is Alexander Monte. I am 26 years old, a human, and… I was dying in the old world. Heh. About a day and a half ago I was hours away from death, but look at me now. Better than I ever was in that world. Sure I recreated my own body with a height modification but other than that everything I physically appear as was how I looked in that world.” Alphonse says with a bit of a sullen look.

“The world itself was dying as well Lumia. All because of corporate bureaucracies and their damned greed. They wouldn’t have been able to get into power in the first place if it wasn’t for the worldwide socialist reform that collapsed in about twenty years. They damaged the world itself to a state of almost disrepair. It was in that world that I was born. It was also in that world where I found YGGDRASIL. It was something known as a DMMO-RPG, Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. That’s the world where I met some of the Founding members of this Guild Base, Lunar Dragon Empire.”

“That’s also where you and all the other people inside Nythelond Umaren are from. Only thing is we crafted you from data crystals and hard work. You were once a Non-Player Characters, dolls of sorts, without emotions of your own too guide you. Just whatever we put inside your Background Lore. Your existence, Vanessa, Flint, Yroh’Dahto, Laura, Vomelsi, Alfa, the Maids, the Royal Guard, everyone and everything here was nothing but Data. Nothing but a series of ‘1’s and ‘0’s pieces, but not wholes…”


Looking up to see what the source of noise was, Alphonse sees Lumia with her hand on the table, and her beautiful face contorted in rage.

“Alphonse… do not… LOOK DOWN ON US!” Lumia yells.

If it wasn’t for the [Silence] spells, and Illusion Magic that covered the balcony one of the guards might have come to see what was wrong.

“We were nothing but dolls, then tell me, tell me why I remember! Tell me why I remember the times we fought to protect Nythelond Umaren from the others that wished us harm! Tell me why I remember crying while holding you, and healing you when you were almost killed in one hit by that World Item Günginür? Tell me, because I want to know! Were those memories fabrications that were created on a whim! What about our wedding day! What about the times when we just walked the hallways of the castle together? Were your words of thanks empty when I listened to you!?”

Breathing heavily after her outburst, Lumia walks up to Alphonse who is also standing. Wrapping her arms around him and burying her face in his chest she begins crying.

“Answer me Alphonse. Don’t look down on us. Alexander! Answer me! Please! Was it all ju-?”

Alphonse (Alexander) silences Lumia by kissing her. She tenses up a bit but then relaxes. As their lips part from each other Alphonse drops down to one knee. Looking up at Lumia with tears in his eyes as well.

“Not all of them were fabricated Lumia, but some of yours and the others past was fabricated. It seems I was wrong, wrong about you. Wrong about some of the others here as well.” Choking up a bit he continues with his own tears in his eyes.

“Lumia, I want to know. Even though I helped create you to be my wife. I want to know if you still want to-” Before he could finish Lumia answers.



“No buts! I want to ask you this though. Are you asking me this as Alphonse Von Lusolth, Emperor of the Lunar Dragon Empire, or Alexander Monte, the human who was dying?” Lumia says as she looks into his eyes.

Looking into her eyes with as much intensity as she was looking into his, he answers.

“As Alexander Monte, the man behind Alphonse Von Lusolth, The Emperor of the Lunar Dragon Empire. As the man who helped create you inside, and outside the world of YGGDRASIL. As the one who… as the one who foolishly fell in love with someone whom he believed too perfect for him, and whom he believed he’d never get the chance to hear the voice of!” Alphonse/Alexander declared as he rose with the words he spoke.

Pulling a ring out from his Inventory he held it in front of Lumia.

“Lumia, will you marr-”

Before he could get another word out, Lumia tackled him to the ground and kissed him. As he embraced her, his eyes became wet with his and her tears as they fell on him.

‘I take that as a yes, I feel like an idiot. Who in there right mind falls for a computer program when there’s a girl in the real world who likes you?’ Alphonse/Alexander thinks as he and Lumia continue making out.

Parting their lips Alphonse takes a sharp breathe before talking.

“Looks like we might need another wedding ceremony.” He says with a slight chuckle.

“We don’t need to have another one. Besides my dad isn’t here too give me away anymore.” Lumia says slightly saddened.

“Okay, but would you care to explain?” He asked.

“My parents are retired Adamantite rank Adventurers. My father, Gabriel, is a human and my Mother, Allyvon, is a Elf. So I was born a Half-Elf.” Lumia said as she and Alphonse go arm in arm into their room, with a far away look in her eye, and a gentle smile that would melt the hearts of any man.

“Gabriel? As in that Green Dragon Methuselah guy? From The Dragon’s Inquisition?” Alphonse asks jokingly trying to get a laugh out of Lumia.

“Fufufu, no, not him Alex. My dad wasn’t that strong, but he was quite strong since he was a Adamantite Rank.” Lumia says letting out a laugh.

“He taught me Swordsmanship and my mother taught me healing and summoning magics.” Lumia continues as she lets go of Alphonse to get ready for a bath.

“I wish I could’ve met them.” Alphonse says as he strips down as well and prepares to go to the bathroom that is connected to their room.

“Alex…~” Lumia says in a sultry tone as she stands behind him in all her naked glory.

“Yeeesss…?!” Alphonse says as he turns around and is stunned by what he sees.

Due to this not being the first time he’s seen the naked body of a woman, he has no problem with seeing it. But this isn’t the body of just any woman. This is the body of a goddess, that just so happens to be his wife.

Looking up and down her body he takes it all in. Ample breasts that are easily double D’s, with light blue areola surrounding a darker blue nipple. The small white scales bordered by silver glimmer in the light making her give off a luminescent glow. The scales that cover her genital area somehow added an air of mystery around her as she displayed herself for him to see.

‘Thank GOD, we inscribed magic barriers on the windows and around the rooms of everyone. I DO NOT want anyone else to see this.’ Alphonse thinks as he notices a throbbing in his lower abdomen.

“Fufufu looks like someone is awake.~ Alex… how about we consummate and officially start our marriage?” Lumia starts by laughing erotically, then becoming a bit nervous when she finished speaking.

Walking towards her, Alphonse grasped her shoulders and hugged her.

“Thank you Lumia. And yes if you truly want that, then I would be more than happy to make love to you.” Alphonse says with a smile that he didn’t know solidified Lumias feelings for him.

(A/N:Yes, I’m skipping the sex scene. Can’t write them for my life, and “T” rating. :P)

-Several Hours Later-

“Hehehe.~ We should do that again soon.~” Lumia cooed as she ran her hand across Alphonse’s chest.

Rubbing the small of her back, and playfully grabbing her tail Alphonse answers.

“Yeah. I would say tomorrow night, but we’ll be traveling to Fortress Luminaria. So I vote ‘no’ until we get back, or maybe once we get to the fort’ city.” Alphonse says whilst he continues to play with Lumia’s tail.

“If you don’t want to have another go, then stop playin-aaaaaaahhhn!”

Lumia starts to speak, but then lets out a moan when Alphonse hits her sweet spot on the underside of her tail.

“As much as I wouldn’t mind is going at it for the seventh time tonight, I wanted to ask you about something.” Alphonse says as he turns serious.

“You said your mother is an Elf and your father is a Human. Now, I do realize that we probably changed you without your permission… and, uh… I guess what one of the things I’m asking is, do you resent us for turning you into a Lunar Draconian?” Alphonse says as he dares not look at Lumias eyes.

He looks towards the ceiling which is enchanted to mimic what the sky is like during the day and night. He sees a multitude of stars and cosmic matter forming a ripple across the sky.

Lumia mounts him and he looks at her. As the moonlight shines down from the enchanted ceiling her hair gains a bluish glow, which makes it seem like she has a halo over her head. Her eyes shares that glow as well only not as bright. As they look into each other’s eyes, Lumia speaks.

“At first, I was shocked that I was chosen to be your wife. I was a bit mad that my race was changed, but after thinking about it I realized that my new race fit my new position well. I mean, I’m a Lunar Draconian now, and the Empress of the Lunar Dragon Empire, and I’m married to a guy I had a huge crush on. Hehe.~” Lumia says while giggling at the last part.

“Back when I first saw you at the training grounds, when I was working to become a Corpsman of the Army, you and a few others were watching us. In all honesty it freaked me out. But you gave us some words of encouragement, and left to another area. I am sure I wasn’t the only girl smitten by you.~” Lumia says as she begins round seven.

“To answer your question, no. I don’t resent you, nor Miranda, or anyone else. My parents were a bit mad, but calmed down when I told them that I agreed to it, and that our wedding would be in a few months time. Sure, it was a little weird having some memories that I know weren’t mine, but ones created to help me love you, but they weren’t necessary since I had a crush on you anyways.” Lumia answers Alphonse’s question as he begins massaging her breast. “Aahnnn!”

“So the Lore we put into your Backstory altered, and added onto your memories. I seriously don’t see how you don’t resent us Lumia. If it was me, I don’t think I could come to accept the feelings that false memories gave me.” Alphonse told her as he rose from the bed and began thrusting into her.

“I’m not sure how to answer you there, Alex. Nnnhnnn. But know this; false memories or not, I’ve had a crush on you for a long time before I was chosen and accepted to have my race changed.” Digging her fingernails into Alphonse’s/Alex’s back she presses her body against him in their moments of passion. “I love you, Alexander. Or do you want me to call you ‘Alphonse’?”

“When it’s just you and me, Alex or Alexander is just fine, but when we’re out in public, then Alphonse is what you’re supposed to call me.” Alphonse answers as he kisses his Lumia.

As the two climax and fall back into the bed they cover themselves up after cleaning up with magic. They then lay and fall asleep soon after in each other’s arms…

-Jared’s Tavern-

“I told you that Vodka is the way to go, but noooo you gotsta has a beer!” Flint slurs as he yells as Sintaria who just chuckles as he downs his draft beer.

“I wish you guys would shut up! Your giving me a head ache!” Adm. Oceania says before getting up and leaving the establishment before teleporting home.

Vomelsi and Yroh’Dahto had already left for the night, leaving Flint and Sintaria to themselves. Who soon passed out from their alcohol intake.

-Morning of the Third Day. Alphonse’s & Lumia’s Bedroom-

After waking up with a sore crotch for the first time in a couple years, Alphonse gets out of bed and gets dressed in some loose fitting clothes. Washing his face up he walks back into the room, and sees Lumia dressed and speaking with a maid to have her bring breakfast up to them.

“Should I message Anthurium and Vanessa to come and eat with us?” Alphonse asks after the maid leaves the room.

“I’ve already messaged them.” Lumia said as she walked with Alphonse to the balcony of their room.

She was wearing a light blue hanfu dress, with dark blue and silver flower embroidery on the seams and sleeves. The materials used were top grade silks and mithril threads, woven by master artisans that formerly made up the ranks of LDE before ‘moving’ to the Fortress City Orion, where the Artificer managed the city as its Duke.

The silks came from a Demonic Silk Worm who was fed leaves from a Saphiric Mulberry Tree. The trees were extremely hard to transplant, but with help from Players who RPed as Druids and Farmers, they were able to manage a few hundred of the Gemstone Variants of multiple kinds of fruit trees.

The Demonic Silk Worms are Level 65 insect monsters that don’t need to be killed to gather their silk. You have one of the caretakers for them ‘ask’ them for it. Whilst they are bugs, and incapable of human speech, they had the cognitive abilities of a dog.

Once Lumia sat down beside Alphonse, he put his arm around her and gently pulled her close, both enjoying the feeling of each other’s warmth. Two minutes before the food arrived, Vanessa and Anthurium arrived and sat at the table. They had both been surprised at the closeness of the other two, but had differing reactions to the situation.

Vanessa, who was in her young adult form, had a face that said, ‘Why? I wanted to be first!’, and she quickly took Alphonse’s other side to which he hugged her as well.

Anthurium on the other hand was surprised at how human the NPCs had become, and was shocked at the way Alphonse was interacting with them. Whilst she was not interested in Alphonse as a man, she respected him as the Guild Master of LDE. She also had her eye on one of the Royal Guards she saw earlier, who just so happened to be of the Fairy Race as well.

After Anthurium sat down, the food was brought for them. The two maids expertly laid the table and silverware out before placing the food down so the four people sitting could place the amount of what they wanted onto their own plate.

The breakfast that was prepared for them today was scrambled eggs, hot cakes, bacon, sausage, and milk or orange juice as the beverages.

‘It’s nice to have real food and not that paste they gave you or spend extra money on giant insects to cook for yourself, back on Earth.’ Alphonse thought to himself.

As simple conversation began between the girls, nothing that had to do with love interests, they began discussing about what they’ve been doing for the past two days. Anthurium spent time training with a few Royal Guards and exploring the town. Noticing the gleam in her eye as she speaks about one of the Royal Guards, Lumia smirks as she knew that look.

Vanessa does her duties in the Dragon Pantheon Temple as a Priestess. Which includes cleaning, cooking, and healing the parishioners who come in. She performs all her tasks while smiling and greeting everyone. She also talks with some of the parishioners in case they have any questions about the religion and such.

Lumia mentions that she had been on holiday for the most part, for the last two days which is why some of the paperwork she should have been taking care of was sent to Alphonse instead, to get approval or to just be looked over.

“What sort of paperwork do you take care of Empress Lumia?” Anthurium asked as she took a sip of orange juice.

“When it is only us, just ‘Lumia’ is fine dear. I take care of domestic items mostly. Like managing the bills and laws that parliament passes or asks approval for. I also oversee the agricultural sectors making sure that the Agricultural Office is doing their job. Although, I don’t do too much of it. I also help Alphonse draft speeches like the one he will give today before we depart for Fortress Luminaria. Though this speech I didn’t help him write.” Lumia answers after she swallows the spoonful of eggs she had.

“That reminds me, Anthurium, you will have to start working or take some classes at one of our academies.” Alphonse states after he finished eating. He then adds, “I’m sure you remember from your history lessons that the common folk dislike it when their tax money go to people who don’t work.”

“Ugh. Yeeees, I remember.” Anthurium says with a huff.

She knew that he was talking about a series of extremely violent riots and protests that rocked the USA in the mid 2020s, after the President was assassinated by the opposing political party after he said: ‘No, if you don’t work you don’t deserve a paycheck from the government. That’s taxpayer money. If you don’t pay into that money then you sure in the hell are not going to be getting that paycheck.’

“Well, we have another hour before I give my speech. I’ll go and practice it. Don’t want to make a mistake now do I.” Alphonse says as he excuses himself from the table to go to his study.

-Alphonse’s Study-

After walking in, and excusing the guards from the room so he can practice in peace, Alphonse takes a seat and looks at the speech he had stated writing after going over the paperwork from yesterday. Once he was finished reading he stood up and began pacing.

Thinking back to one of the times he spoke at a entertainment convention he chuckles as he recalls the memory.


Rolling himself off the stage, Alexander sighs as he gets to the backstage.

“Oh yeah, get up on stage and answer questions why don’t ya’.” He mutters as he continues wheeling himself forward.

“My, my. Isn’t somebody a sourpuss.” A new voice says to his left.

Looking towards the voice, Alex smiles.

“Hey Gibby! How’s it going?” He says in a clearly better mood than before.

“How many times have I told you not to call me that? Little Alex.” ‘Gibby’ says with a smirk on his face.

“Hey, I’ll stop calling you ‘Gibby’ when you stop calling me, ‘Little Alex’ capeesh?” Alex says as he returns with his own smirk.

“So how was your Q & A panel?” ‘Gibby’ asks as the two go down the corridor and into the convention hall.

“It went alright. Way too many people asking about future movies and shows though.” Alex said as he shook his head. “Anyways, I guess they called you guys for extra security?”

“Yeah, why do you think I’m here? To see you? Fat chance you youngling.” Gibby says with a chuckle.

“Aw, shut up you ol’ geezer. Hey, race you to the snack bar.” Alex said as he propelled his wheelchair faster than you’d think someone could.

“You’re on cripple!”

As the two race each other they gather the attention of quite a few people. Most surprised at the speed the one in the wheelchair was capable of, but equally surprised at the banter the two adults had going on between each other.

“Hah! I win bitch!” Alex says as he somehow makes his wheelchair pull off a drifting stop near the snack bar.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I let you win, asshole.” Gibby says as he breathes a bit heavy from the run they did.

“What?! You’re out of breath just from that? What the hell happened last night?! Alisha drain you dry again?” Alex jokes as he looks at his friend, Gabriel Lee Drakes.

“Yeah, but what about you and Minori? I’m pretty sure she’ll drain your scrotum. Hell, I’m pretty sure she did that after you guys did that hentai scene for one of her Eroges. The look on Tohyas’ face was priceless.” Gabriel jokes with Alex as he prods about one of his voice acting endeavors.

“Yeah, she did drain me. I mean, what would expect from a sexy Japanese onee-san type girl when you spend the night with her? Of course we’ve known each other before so it obviously wasn’t-”

“You don’t need to justify you and that pink slime going at it like dogs in heat. Not to me.” Gabriel said as he and Alex get some food from the ‘Staff Only’ snack bar.

“I wasn’t justifying it for you I was doing it for the readers.” Alex says ,making one of his bad, ‘breaking the fourth wall’ jokes.

“Man, you know those are terrible, so why the hell do you keep making them?” Gabriel says as he catches the eye of a rather nice looking nurse cosplayer.

“Heh, you just don’t like my sense of humor do you?” Alex says as he and Gabriel go to a table.

“Anyways, Alisha will be coming over soon when she’s on break.” Gabriel says as he eats a roasted grasshopper leg.

“It’s always ‘bugged’ me on how we use insects as livestock now, instead of you know, livestock animals.” Alex says as he eats a handful of crickets.

“Make one more bad joke, and so help me God I’ll beat your ass.” Gabriel says obviously not in the mood for his younger companions antics.

“Anyways, you still hate being the center of attention, don’t you? I mean hell, you’d make a damn good actor.” Alex says in a attempt to change the subject.

“Yes, I do. Unless it’s friends and family then no way am I getting on a stage or in a movie. Public speaking ain’t my thing either.” Gabriel flatly answers as the two eat.

‘Let’s hope he never finds the videos Alisha put up of him singing and reciting famous movie speeches.’ Alex thought as he finished his food.

“You should’ve seen the audience though when you were up there. They love you man.” Gabriel says as he stacks the food trays above a trash bin.

“I was up there. I could see quite a few of them. Yeah, but sometimes I just don’t feel it. The fans don’t really know me, and I’m not an actor that’s going to be remembered except for my starring role as the Dragon Ryotongsnir in the Drapocalypse movie. Jesus, couldn’t they have came up with a better name?” Alex says as he takes a drink of his soda water.

“Yeah, you’d think that the movie industry would have excellent naming sense. Truly, it seems like in the last one hundred years the names of movies are just reworded versions of older titles.~” A new feminine voice was heard as two pairs of high heeled footfalls could be heard.

“Alisha and Marion, fancy seeing you here?” Alex says with a raised eyebrow.

“Looking good honey. Hello, Marion. Don’t mind the blonde bozo he just got off his Q&A panel not too long ago.” Gabriel greets his wife and their friend.

“Oh, so does that mean he’s already made his terrible jokes?” Marion said as she and Alisha sat down with the two gents.

“Hey! They’re not terrible. The only way they’d be tear-rible is if they were made of paper!” Alex says with a straight face.

The other three watch him seeing if he’s going to crack first. It was Marion who did though.

“Good grief. You’re such a dad! If not by having a child, it’s your fucking jokes that make you one!” She says as the group of friends share a laugh.

Not caring that the people around them are staring at them like they’ve grown another head…

:End of Flashback:

Looking at the grandfather clock in his study, he sees it’s time to go to the Throne Room to finish the preparations for his speech. He uses a [Requip] spell to instantly change his clothes to his [High Emperor Robes] set he received when he gained the High Emperor Role-Playing Job Class.

It was a rather simple, yet elegant design of dark blue trousers with grey greaves with light blue engravings on them. For his torso, it was a dark blue almost black dress shirt, and a lighter shade of blue gothic style royal tailcoat with dark silver patterns across the fabric. He wore the coat buttoned up and had a another shade lighter blue ascot around his neck. The ascot itself was also adorned with beautiful gothic style patterns in darker blue and silver.

As he left the study and made his way to the Throne Room, he went over his speech one more time. While the speech wouldn’t be very long, he’d be speaking in front of the largest audience he’d ever spoken to live.

“Well, it’s time for me to get the show on the road.” Alphonse said as he entered the Throne Room.

The Throne Room was modeled as a spacious room with seats for the nobles, parliament, and the senate. The throne itself was at the back with the Lunar Dragon Empire’s flag draped on the wall behind it. A moon between two dragons on a shield, inside a border of a intertwined double oval. The moon of the insignia was enchanted to copy the lunar phases of the actual moon. Which happened to be a full moon.

The field of the flag is a dark blue in color due to being made from woven Saphirathil silk threads. The two dragons and interwoven double oval border are made from mithril and gold silk threads intertwined with each other. The moon is made from Ilunitite silk threads. The shield is made from Adamantite threads.

The floor of the room itself was made from Vesmietium Marble, deep rich blue mineral with gray smoke-like lines across its surface. A kind of mineral that absorbed the mana from the ocean floor of one of Vanahiemrs oceans. It was cut into two foot by two foot sections and had Adamantite interweaving between those said pieces.

Another part of the floor was a silver colored stone that was shaped in a square as well with the same dimensions. This stone-like material is known as Drayrhil, a mineral that was harvested inside a Dragon Vein in the Svartálfheim realm of YGGDRASIL.

When viewed from above one could see that the placement of the Vesmíetium Marble and Drayrhil Plates was similar to that of a chess/checkers board. Although in the center of the room there was a different pattern.

A twenty foot by twenty foot square of Vesmíetium Marble slab sat in the center of the Throne Room. Inside of the square were four circles, the outer most and largest one was eighteen feet in diameter. Sitting inside of that was the second largest at sixteen feet in diameter. The third one was ten feet in diameter. The last and the smallest circle was eight feet in diameter.

The circles themselves were made of a mithril, silver, and a titanium-like alloy called Sneilthil. This alloy has doesn’t have as large of a magic conductivity as other mithril alloys, but it does have a very high durability and can sustain the spell for longer periods of time than other alloys.

Underneath the Sneilthil rings is an Adamantite, copper, and orichalcum alloy named as Yokrilite. This alloy acts an a insulation around the Sneilthil ring to help with its low mana conductivity. What it does is it does not allow mana to pass through it, and it rebounds it, and contains it inside the ring so as to allow a greater amount of mana to be used in the application of the spell.

Atop these rings lay a series of two inch thick and two feet in diameter discs, that had symbols like runes engraved on them. The discs themselves were Vesmíetium Marble that had grooves cut into them to allow the metals or alloys to sit inside of them. On the heads side was the symbol or rune, while on the tails side was a ring that touched the two rings of Sneilthil.

The metal or alloy used in the symbol/rune on the disc are important to the spell being used. Each metal and alloy has a different mana conductivity and durability, much like a metals electrical conductivity and durability. Only with metal and alloys that are magical in nature, depending on where they’ve been harvested from, they can also have certain properties and affinities themselves. Such as Saphiratite, which is a metal that has a rather high affinity to water spells if used in the conjuration process of the spell.

The twelve discs, or rather Keystones, are placed on the rings. The first set of rings have eight of the Keystones placed at the points of a compass. The cardinal directions have a Saphiratite Keystone in place, while the Primary Inter-Cardinal directions has a Soliosil (light element affinity) alloy Keystone. The inner most Rings have four Iathil (air/wind element affinity) alloy Keystones in place at the PIC directions.

Sitting in the center of the magic formation was a crystal ball like object. This is a magic item known as the [Mirror of Ilscia]. It is an item similar to the, [Mirror of Remote Viewing], only this one allows for two way viewing.

You can see more than just the image of one other ‘mirror’. First you choose a ‘core mirror’, and then you add another ‘receiver mirror’. After doing that you can add an almost infinite amount of ‘receiver mirrors’, but no one has gone that far yet.

The [Mirror of Ilscia] that is placed in the center of the formation is the ‘core’, whilst the ‘receiver mirrors’ are placed atop fountains in each city/town/village across the Lunar Dragon Empire Guild Base. There’s also ones in the FOBs that are being constructed.

Moving on from the floor, and the intricate patterns that adorn it, the Throne Room had a second floor balcony, this is where merchants, Adventurers, and the general populace can sit and witness the proceedings of the Throne Room.

The ceiling extended a ways beyond that, and held three grand chandeliers. They were not lit right now, as the sunlight from the windows allowed for more than adequate lighting. However, when they are lit the flames themselves are actually CandleFire Elementals, a subspecies of Fire Elementals that prefer being set upon a candle.

No matter how small they are, they are by no means weaklings. At level 25 you would think they are, but when they’re atop a candles’ wick, and in a group they can even defeat a level 60 Player. If the Player is an idiot, of course.

Upon finishing giving the room a look around, Alphonse makes his way to the Throne. A beautiful work of art, with a high set back and blue velvet cushion to sit upon, and lean your back against. The wood that made the frame of the chair is a type of magical wood species named, ‘The Living Metal Wood’.

This particular tree species grows in areas with high mana density and magical metal ore deposits. The trees grew their roots down into the veins of the ores and absorbed the magical properties of the metal. The throne is made from a Adamantite variety of the species. The engravings upon the wood depict different plants and animals with a crown surrounded by two wings motif above the occupants head. Sitting upon his throne, Alphonse cannot help but smile as he sinks into the cushion.

‘Haaaaaah, this is comfort is by far more enjoyable than anything I felt on earth.’ Alphonse muses as he looks about the room to see everyone present and in their places.

Lumia sat on the throne of similar elegance and quality to Alphonse’s left. Anthurium and Vanessa sat in one of the raised seats on the side of the room. In relation to Alphonse’s view, they too were to his left.

Nodding his head to the maids in the room, they then proceed with one of the steps to the magic ritual. They gather at the Cardinal and Primary Inter-Cardinal Directions of the magic formation, and use a water elemental spell to pour water onto the formation.

“[Mana Channeling]” Alphonse says while pointing to the magic formation in the center of the room.

What happens next shocks Anthurium, as she had never seen the phenomenon before.

As the magic formation activates, the water the maids are pouring on, forms into a large bubble. It then levitates the [Mirror of Ilscia] to the inside of the bubble, which raises to about four feet off the floor and grows to be about 20 feet in diameter. It then begins to rotate and shows the images of various towns, villages, and the newly constructed FOBs as well as the civilians of LDE.

“I thank you all for gathering at the [Mirror Fountains of Ilscia] this morning. To begin with, at the midnight hour three days ago our capital was transported from Midgard, to our current location. I do not have a name for it, but if you know someone that is part of our current land reclamation effort, then you will know that we are currently in a miasmic wasteland.” Alphonse said as he spoke to the projection, looking at his citizens reactions.

Some of them were shocked whilst others knowingly nodded their heads.

“Whilst this development is shocking, what I’m about to tell you will hit some of you quite hard. When this Metastasis Event happened, we lost communications with our allies. The only ones we’ve been able to re-establish communications with has been Fortress City Luminaria. For those of you who have family in either Fortress Cities Cazzdailia or Orion, I offer my condolences. It pains me to know that we’ve lost some of our loved ones, but I’m happy to know that we have at least one of our allies here that we can count on.” Alphonse said as he felt a twinge of pain in his chest as he saw the looks of grief and sadness on his people’s faces.

As well as some people holding onto their loved ones while crying. Giving them a few more moments to mourn, Alphonse looks around the Throne Room. He sees Vanessa and Anthurium holding their heads down, while most of the other occupants of the room held theirs down as well. Lumia on the other hand held hers level, as the Royal Guards held theirs level as well, and glanced at Alphonse as if to tell him that the country will make it through this.

“Hmhm” Alphonse clears his throat before continuing.

“I’ve told my Generals and some of the members of our parliament what our course of actions will be for the time being. Our first course of action will be to strengthen our capital, which we are doing by building the forward operating bases in our cardinal directions. From there we will be pushing forward with our land reclamation. We can’t go too fast now because the land itself needs to heal properly.”

“While that is being done, I will be heading to Fortress Luminaria. They’ve placed a beacon signal up so our airships can find it. Once I am there we will be re-activating the Inter-City Teleportation Gates, so commerce can once again flow between us. As well as those who have family there can travel safely.” Alphonse said as he was drawing the rather short speech to a close.

“As we have done so before, we will protect our people from what we can. We are a country that believes in peace through strength. That is what gifted us you, our citizens. Citizens that would be turned away from the more xenophobic countries. Some of you that belong to a younger generation might wonder why I and my fellows say, ‘peace through strength’. Well, I tell you. In this country, we allow you to aspire to be who you want to be. Yes, military service is compulsory…”

Alphonse paused briefly for effect before continuing.

“… Our military is one of the ways our country is able to survive, and without it we are weakened rather greatly. We have been attacked before in the past because of who we allow as citizens, but we have always persevered. There have been many who came through our halls who’ve wondered how this is all possible, how all these different races can live with each other. There have been those who have slandered us. Calling us a, ‘false haven’.” Alphonse took a breathe and stands before continuing.

“That question and those actions have been answered. The reason we can all live together is because we all have a common goal. To live free from persecution, and those who wish us harm. The reason we are not a ‘false haven’ is because we are a nation that is built by a foundation of laws. The reason we have our army is to protect our people. Those who wish us harm have learned that peace is what we wish for, but peace comes at a cost you know. We may bow for it, we may pay for it, and we may bleed for it, but..”

Alphonse pauses to catch his breathe and let his words sink in.

“But we will not surrender for it, and we will not run from the battle to secure our freedom and peace. Nor will we let those who ask us for help or our allies, fight their battles alone. Those are a few of the reasons why ‘peace through strength’ is said by us. Because without strength, we cannot provide to you, our children and our citizens the freedoms and liberties that we the founders of The Lunar Dragon Empire have promised to you when you become our citizens. And as citizens of this empire we are… LUNARIANS!” Alphonse shouts the last word as he stood before the throne with his fist raised in the air, the passion clear for all to see.

After a second or two the civilians that could be seen on the floating [Mirror of Ilscia] projection started to cheer. While the civilians were cheering Alphonse began to sing.

“Although I wandered far,

My heart enshrines thee yet.

We write our names on history’s page

With expectations great

Strict guardians of our heritage

Firm craftsmen of our fate.

Bless the Lunar Dragon Empire

Grant eternal freedom and unity

To its women, men and children

Bless the Lunar Dragon Empire and its people

They will never avoid the rough battle

To defend their land and their home

As well as the altar of the mother country,

Their altar.

Our glory and our covenant

And a duty to be faithful

Moves us, moves us.

Motherland, would be always filled of happiness

Us all your children: Lunarians

When the morning skies grow red

And o’er their radiance shed,

Thou, O Lord, appeareth in their light.

This is the country of every tribe,

With glowing hearts we see thee rise,

The strong and free!

It is necessary to cover with a veil

The past times of Calvary and cross;

Let now the blue skies be adorned with

The splendid light of the concord.

Ever striving, ever seeking

Dwell in love and unity.”

As everyone in the Throne Room finished singing the LDE national anthem with Alphonse, Anthurium didn’t know the lyrics so she just mouthed them, and then the enlarged [Mirror of Ilscia] projection faded away into fog.

The Royal Guards that were stationed next to the maids then gathered the [Mirror of Ilscia] Orb and the Keystones and put them in one of the rooms connected to the Throne Room. They then returned to their stations.

“Is there anything that needs to be brought up at this time?” Alphonse said as he looked at the various people gathered in the room.

Most shook their heads ‘no’, while some just had a slightly blank look from the drastic change of mood in the room.

“No, milord. I don’t believe there is anything that needs to be addressed right now.” A member of the parliament said as he rose from his chair.

Before they could speak again, Alphonse spoke up in a commanding tone.

“I’d like someone to take an inventory of the Royal Treasury. As well as the Head of the Magic and Science Research Department, Alfred de Fresco, to look into different spell algorithms and such. It might prove useful to us in the long run.”

“It shall be done.” The member of the parliament said as he saluted Emperor Alphonse.

He then looked at everyone standing and nodded in approval.

“Glory to the Motherland, Hail the Emperor and Empress, Long shall we prosper.”

Was said by a chorus of voices from everyone in the room.

“Forever may we Prosper.”

Alphonse answers as he then makes his way to Lumia as the rest file out of the room, save for the maids, Vanessa, Anthurium, and half of the Royal Guard.

“The Airship should be ready within an hour so I you want to come with me pack some of your things.” Alphonse said to the three girls as he took Lumia’s hand, and began walking with her.

“I’ll go take care of that right away!” Anthurium says as she teleports to her room.

“I will be staying here and taking care of my duties as a Priestess. I would not mind coming once the Inter-City Gates are working though.” Vanessa says as she walks alongside Lumia, who is clamped onto Alphonse’s left arm.

As the trio walk back to Alphonse’s study they simply enjoy the company of each other. The hallways in the castle were built to be large and have high ceilings to accommodate the naturally larger species of their citizenry.

The walls of the hallway were adorned with paintings of landscapes in YGGDRASIL, as well as the personal flags of some of the members of LDE. They were mainly there for decoration, as they provided no buffs, or had any enchantments whatsoever. All they did was make the walk through the hallways better. Reaching Alphonse’s study, Lumia and Vanessa sat on one couch while Alphonse sat on the opposite one.

“Vanessa, I’d like to thank you for staying here. While I wouldn’t mind you coming with us, it says a lot to me when you’re placing your duties as a Priestess in such high regard.” Alphonse says as he looks at the young woman in question.

“Oh, not at all Alphonse! While I would love to come with you, I am a bit squeamish with uh… heights.” Vanessa says as she blushes from her confession.

‘Oh, my… A dragoness that is afraid of heights…who’d’ve guessed?’ Alphonse muses to himself with a soft chuckle.

“Then you might not want to be on top of Alphonse when you two finally get together in bed.~” Lumia nonchalantly states as she sips her iced tea.

Meanwhile, Vanessa is redder than a tomato, and waving her arms around in her Loli-form like an anime girl, with her wings also popped out adding to the cuteness.

“Heh. That was quite the tease there Lumia.” Alphonse says as he drinks some of his half and half iced tea and lemonade. (Yes, he’s drinking an Arnold Palmer. They’re nice to drink during the summer.)

Vanessa quickly finished her tea and stands up, still flushed in the face.

“I-I-I have to go do my Priestess duties!” She then makes a bee line for the exit.

Before opening the door she turns and leaves after saying…

“I don’t know how to say this, but my heart isn’t ready for mating with you yet your majesty. But I hope that it’ll be settled by the time you come back from Luminaria Fortress.”

Without waiting for Alphonse’s reply, she hurriedly walked out the door to one of the Teleportation Terminals used by the servants. Similar to an elevator, only a teleporter.

“Maybe if I was still human, I wouldn’t have this feeling of wanting to jump her right there and then. Must be because I’m a Dragonoid now that I feel like conquering her. Hmm… Lumia when you had your race changed to a Lunar Draconian, did your sexual preferences or habits change at all?” Alphonse asks Lumia after taking his eyes off the door that Vanessa exited the room from.

“Not entirely. I never had any thoughts about love or sex until you came with some of the other Founders to my Corpsman training. Though one of the things that did change was I feel hostile to females that I don’t think meet the requirements to be in bed with you. Another change is that, if I feel that a female is worthy of sharing a bed with you and me, I find I don’t mind polygamy.” Lumia says as she answers him while finishing her iced tea.

A knock on the door was heard, and after being told they can come in a rather busty and short maid came in.

“Milord, Milady. The Airships are ready. I was told that you’ll be boarding the The Andromeda, the Light Cruiser Class airship. When you are ready allow me to guide you.” The maid said as she awaited their answer.

“I am ready, are you?” Alphonse says as he stands and offers his hand to Lumia, which she graciously accepted.

“Yes. I am ready dear.” she turned to the maid. “Have you sent for Lady Anthurium yet? She said she was going to come with us.”

“Yes, milady. Lady Anthurium should be making her way to the airfield as we speak. Without further ado, please follow me your majestys.~” The maid then turned around and lead them to the Teleportation Terminal.

When she turned around Alphonse figured out why her height and breast size were the way they were. She had a demon tail, signifying her heritage. But that wasn’t the only thing it confirmed for him.

“It seems I’m not only attracted to dragon-blooded women.” He mutters quietly to himself, atleast he thinks he did.

Giving him a quick thrust in the ribs, Lumia then masks this from the passing servants by hooking their arms together.

“I heard that.” Lumia whispers to him darkly.

“Really? I never would’ve guessed,” Alphonse sarcastically said, earning him another jab.

Thankful that his level 100 body granted him enough defense for the jab to not hurt as much, he ignored it as he spoke softly to Lumia.

“Even if I feel an attraction to her, unless it is reciprocated I don’t believe I’d act on it. Besides, I have you next to me, and that’s all that I need at the moment.”

Alphonse quickly turned the situation around with some smooth talk he learned from Gabriel.

“You sure are a sweet talker.~” Lumia cooed as she squeezed Alphonse’s arm into her cleavage.

Alphonse just nodded as he wasn’t going to fight her over it. He then noticed something else about the demonic maid. She kept glancing back at them and giving him a seductive look. It was then he remembered where this maid came from.


The maid turned around, and had a happy expression on her face.

“So you remembered master?” The maid said eagerly.

“Yeah, I remembered your name. The ‘master’ part isn’t necessary though, so I don’t mind if you drop it.” Alphonse says as he walks to her.

He then embraces her in a hug.

“To think that little demoness I plucked from the river would grow into such a young woman.” Alphonse says as he rubs her head.

“Mmmm. You even gave me a name. Zaria, meaning ‘One from the River’ in my mother language.” The maid known as Zaria said as she hugged Alphonse back.

After their embrace ended, Lumia walked up to Zaria and hugged her as well. She then looked back at Alphonse and began walking arm in arm with the maid. Seeing nothing to do besides follow the two women Alphonse did so with a warm smile…


A/N: Again I’d like to apologize for taking so long with this chapter. I live on a farm and it’s spring(technically summer now) so my work load has been heavier. I was going to post this earlier but I couldn’t find a decent place to stop, so if it seemed abrupt sorry.

And yes I came up with the LDE National Anthem and thought it’d be cool if they had one. Since to me a National Anthem is something that should unify the citizens of the country. I suggest that those in America that are reading this look up the full Star-Spangled Banner, I was shocked that our National Anthem had more than just what we sing at football games.

A couple videos I think people should see (just copy and paste into the YouTube search box); /M1wLtAXDgqg | /nDnXcw6euIE

If some of the character interactions are a bit abrupt and such sorry, I’m not used to writing dialogue and interactions with characters yet.

The chapter uploads will be quite sporadic, so again sorry about that.

A quick shout out to MadDan90 and his OC Gabriel. I recommend reading his story, “Of Dragons’ Sorrows & Souls Reborn”. Definitely a good read in my opinion.

If you can guess who the other two characters who get mentioned in this chapter kudos to you.

Read, Review, Follow, and Favorite if you think it deserves it, please and thank you.

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