LDE Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3

I Believe I Can Fly

Balcony outside of Alphonse’s Room

Opening the door to the balcony by his room, Alphonse steps out into the cool and refreshing morning air. Taking a lung full of air he exhales then uses his Garden Dimension Key he opens the door and calls for one of his pets. Soon after a beautiful white dragon emerged from the doorway, it was small enough to fit through but that was because it could shrink.

It was a Holy Feather Dragon. As the name suggests it had feathers around its head and at the tip of its tail, it has a beautiful golden plumage. Stroking the dragons neck and hearing it chirrup happily Alphonse placed a saddle on it.

Tightening the straps and closing the doorway to the Garden Dimension, Alphonse climbed onto her.

“Let’s go Liorenth.” Alphonse says as he pats her side.

With that they rise into the sky. Flapping her wings ever so softly Liorenth ascends above the clouds and twirls around as the sun glitters off her scales showering the clouds in a beautiful rainbow. Gliding around on top of the clouds was one of the greatest feelings Alphonse had ever felt. Looking at the custard color tops made him hungry alittle but he ignored it. ‘I should show this to Anthurium soon’ he thought as Liorenth descended under the clouds.

Emerging from the other side Alphonse could see quite far. Looking at the ground he saw that Land Reclamation Project was already starting, and some extremely zealous members of the project had started early. This group had already pitched tents and were starting to dig the foundation to built the fort on.

Looking closer the group is comprised of Dwarves, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Humans, Skeletons, and Kobolds. It brought a smile to Alphonse’s face as he saw all these different species working together.



Looking down to see what the sound was, Alphonse saw that an Air Battalion had sortied from the Gates. It was comprised of Griffons, Dragons, and Dragoons. They all took off from the ground and went to scout the area from above. The Griffon Knights flew in a ‘V’ pattern while the Dragon Knights flew in twos or threes.

The Dragoon Knights flew using their enchanted armor and flew in a sort of revolving ‘V’ pattern. Seeing how everyone is working properly Alphonse decides to pay them a visit, when he finishes his paperwork.

Continuing his flight he had a thought. ‘The Dragoons were only part of the Lore for the Guild Base. Could other bits and pieces of the Lore be real now too? Should check into that later.’


“Well, looks like our joyride has come to an end Liorenth.” Alphonse says as he strokes her neck.

Cooing happily Liorenth descended back to the balcony and went back into the Garden Dimension. Alphonse then teleported to his study and began working on the pile of papers that were amassed in the few hours he was gone.

‘I need a secretary.’ He thought as he finished a few papers.


Imperial Dining Hall

Having finally finished the papers and feeling hungry Alphonse went to the Dining Hall. There he saw Anthurium again, as well as a small girl he had seen maybe once or twice. When the girl saw Alphonse she rushed up and hugged him, while rubbing her cheek against his stomach. Surprised by it he tried to mentally recall he NPC Data. Getting another surprise he could actually see the girls NPC Data.

Name: Vanessa Lobo

Total Level: 65

Title(s): Dragon God Priestess

Racial Level(s):

Lvl: 5 Dragonoid

Lvl: 5 Dragoness of the High Light

Warrior-Oriented Class Level(s):

Magic-Oriented Class Level(s):

Lvl: 10 Elementalist

Lvl: 10 Wizard

Lvl: 10 Priestess

Lvl: 5 Dragon God Preistess

Production-Oriented Class Level(s):

Lvl: 5 Cook

Role-Playing-Oriented Class Level(s):

Lvl: 5 Bard

Lvl: 5 Princess

Lvl: 5 High Princess

Description: (AN: not going to put anything here)

After reading through her classes and backstory he found out who this girl was. A NPC designed to be one of the Founding Members ‘daughter’. Mentally face-palming at the last three lines of the NPCs…..well the girls backstory: [Take care of her for me Guildmaster 😉 ], she loves Alphonse, she has a legal loli form and a more mature form (20 yr old).

‘Really Miranda? Did you have to do this?’ Thinks Alphonse as he hugs the little girl back.

“How are you Vanessa?” Alphonse asks while patting her head.

“I’m doing well, thank you.” Vanessa answered while enjoying the head pats.

“How do you know her?!” Asks Anthurium in a Message.

“As the Guildmaster shouldn’t I have some idea of how many NPCs we have?” Alphonse answers.

“Okay, how about we all eat lunch now.” Alphonse said to the two girls. “I’m done with the paperwork for today, so how about we go outside and see how the land reclamation is going?”

“Sounds fine with me.” Anthurium answered.

“I can come too right?” Vanessa asks with sparkles in her eyes. Seeing that Alphonse nodded ‘yes’ she shouted ‘yippee’ and they ate lunch together.


After eating a lunch of fish, fries, and salad Alphonse and the two girls, with a few guards and maids, went to the North Gate. Upon arriving they were greeted by the Gate Captain, which was way too enthusiastic about the Emperor himself with Lady Anthurium and Lady Vanessa coming to check on the land reclamation.

After explaining that it was in his line of work to come and personally check on the status of the happenings in the Empire, the Gate Captain calmed down a bit and thought ‘This is our Emperor, kind, wise, and caring for us citizens. I’m glad my grandparents decided to move to this country all those years ago.’

With a ‘Good work, Gate Captain.’ further cementing a favorable impression of himself on the Gate Captain, Alphonse and the girls went through the Gate. Seeing that tufts of grasses were growing already on the previously barren grounds Alphonse figured that some Druids came to help and are currently planting trees and other flora. Summoning some horses from the stable the group head out to one of the fort construction sites.

While passing by workers in wagons heading out after the soldiers set up a perimeter, and others heading back for more supplies, Alphonse and the rest of the Imperial Entourage waved and thanked them for their work.

Reaching one of the forts construction sites, Alphonse met with the hobgoblin in charge of the project. Going over the blueprints for the buildings, walls, and various facilities the hobgoblin, his aides, and Alphonse bounced off ideas from each other for cost efficiency and practicality.

After spending an hour at the site Alphonse and company went to the other fort construction sites. Meeting with the managers and their aides at the various sites, discussing various topics that could come up and the date when to expect the forts to be completed.

(AN: they used a teleportation Spell to get to all of them after the first one)

By around supper time Alphonse and the rest had finished visiting the construction sites so they teleported back to the castle. Almost immediately going to the Dining Hall, Anthurium literally flew there. She was happy to go outside and meet the various NPCs that were part of the guild, but she was still pretty upset from the lack of plant life.

Even if the Druids that were working with the construction crews were planting trees and crops like no other, her fairy side of her had a hard time dealing with it. On the other hand she was feeling rather well despite that, maybe she could visit a forest in one of the Realms that the guild had.

Vanessa walked alongside Alphonse dealing with an inner turmoil of whether or not to hold onto his hand. On one hand she was in her childish form, so it’d look more like a little sister holding onto her brothers hand or a daughter holding her fathers hand. On the other hand she could turn into her more mature form and hold his hand making them look like a couple. It’s decided she’ll turn into her adult form and hold hands with him.

Changing her appearance using her [Transformation] spell she now had blonde hair that reached the small of her back, an ample bosom and buttocks, and her facial features stayed the same but had more of an ‘adult’ feel to it. Her dress changed as well, to a more form fitting evening gown.

Because of the light from the spell Alphonse had turned around to look at the source. This caused Vanessa to blush and twirl around, as if asking if he liked it. Alphonse taking the hint offered his hand and she took it. Blushing the entire way to the Dining Hall, Vanessa didn’t want to let go of Alphonse’s hand when they entered but after being seated next to him she let go. Seeing Anthurium look at her questioningly she just smiled and asked for a meal from one of the maids.

Her meal consisted of a small salad, with Ragout Rabbit Meat simmered in a sweet fruit sauce, and a fruit drink. Anthuriums’ meal was mainly fruit with a small amount of chicken, with grape juice to drink. Alphonse had seafood lasagna with a bowl of fruit as a side, and a cola pop to drink. The meal was enjoyed in pleasant silence and after it they went to one of the lounge rooms and relaxed for the rest of the day.


The next morning as Alphonse went to take care of the paperwork he received an urgent message from the Divination Tower. The message was from one of their allied fort-cities, Luminaria Fortress, under the banner of the Luminaria Dukedom. They requested an audience with Alphonse, and for any information they had on this situation.

The first few thoughts running through Alphonse’s head were: ‘wasn’t the Divination Tower only part of the Lore of the Guild Base and we didn’t spend too much money on creating the models and everything used. I really need to spend the day looking over some more of the Lore for Nythelond Umaren.

Well what I do know right off the top of my head is that the Divination Tower was supposed to be the monitoring station and communications station in the Guild Base. The NPCs there were in charge of the Magic Radios that the Army uses and are used to contact our Allies. They also were in charge of magic surveillance and reconnaissance through the use of The Mirror of Remote Viewing. If I remember correctly they used that to help troop deployment when facing invasions as well.

The Luminaria Dukedom is just another group of enthusiastic role-players that used to be part of us. Their whole Luminaria Fortress base is also a role-playing thing for them. If I remember correctly they wrote in their Lore that they were a Colony of the Lunar Dragon Empire. This will be a long day’

Alphonse thinks to himself as he sighs before teleporting to the Divination Tower. Once arriving he’s surprised at the amount of Crystal Monitors that are in there. One entire was was covered with them, each monitor about two feet tall and three feet wide, and about ten monitors tall fifteen monitors wide. With about twenty monitors mounted onto desks that NPCs worked at keeping a constant watch on the surrounds and streets of Nythelond Umaren.

The director of the Divination Tower saw Alphonse and immediately saluted with her hand over her heart, well where it should be anyways. She was a level 30 Surveillance Magic build Mummy. She then greeted him.

“Good Morning Milord. This way to the Magic Radio Room.” she said as she lead the way to another room.

Following her Alphonse decides to ask a few questions.

“Director Mumina, I have a few questions if it’s not too much.”

“No, go right ahead milord.” Dir. Mumina says as she continues leading Alphonse.

“Now then, I would like to know who contacted who first and if the other two Allied Fortresses have contacted us?”

“Luminaria Fortress contacted us at about 4:00 this morning after finding the appropriate radio frequency for us to come into contact with each other. We have not heard from either Orion Fortress or Cazzdailia Fortress. We’ve tried contacting them after being contacted by Luminaria.” Director Mumina said as they enter the Magic Radio Communications Room(MRCR).

[AN: Looks like its short for Mr. Crap]

The room itself had about a dozen or so WW2 style military grade Magic Radios. All lined up neatly with various NPCs working on them. Following Dir. Mumina, Alphonse goes over to one of the radios. Given a microphone and a set of headphones Alphonse listens to the speaker on the other end.

“Is Emperor Alphonse on yet?”

“Right here, what’s the news over on your end?” Alphonse answers the speaker.

“Well well well, look who decided to get up.” The voice said with a light hearted chuckle.

“Yeah yeah, so how’re you Duchess Luminaria?”

“I’m doing well, how is the Emperor?”

“I’m doing just fine. Nythelond Umaren is in a Miasmic Wasteland, we’re currently purifying it so we can farm the land around us. Can’t rely on our reserves and interior farmland forever.” Alphonse tells the Duchess. “So what’s the situation for your Fortress?”

“Not all that great, whilst everyone is doing alright I might need some help with administrative duties and the like. I normally delegated that too my second in command but…”

“He’s not there. Well, do you need me to come over and help? Administration work isn’t all that hard after all.”

“Your presence would be appreciated, not only by me but also the people of the city. Sometimes it’s necessary for the ruler of a vassal state to make an appearance.” Duchess Luminaria says with a lighthearted laugh.

“Just keep a homing beacon up so the navigators of the airship know where to go. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get there.” Emperor Alphonse says showing some concern for the Duchess and her people.

“What about building a Teleportation Gate between the Fort-city and Nythelond?” The Duchess suggests.

“That’d be possible and allow almost instantaneous travel to and from each other. Hopefully once we meet again we can reestablish communication through [Message] as well. I have paperwork piling up so I’ll let you go for now. See you soon Duchess Luminaria.” Emperor Alphonse answers before saying his goodbye.

“Yes, see you soon too Emperor.” The Duchess then cuts communication.

“Director Mumina contact the Air Force and have them ready a Light Cruiser and three Interceptors for the escort. Tell them I’m visiting Luminaria Fortress, if they ask the reason.” Alphonse says to Director Mumina.

“Why not the Battleship The Crimson Endeaver sir?” Director Mumina asks slightly perplexed that Emperor Alphonse wouldn’t use the strongest airship at their disposal to visit the Fortress, his protection is above all after all.

‘That ship was only supposed to exist in Lore though? Same with the Interceptors, this is strange, I’ll need to look up different parts of the Lore now and check to see what else has changed.’ Alphonse thinks to himself before he answers Mumina.

“I’d rather not take the chance on something happening when I am gone. Besides the undersides of the Light Cruisers and Interceptors have a enchantment on them so they cannot be see with the naked eye from the ground. I’ll be alright on the journey there.”

“By your will Milord.” Director Mumina says as she bows her head. Alphonse disappears in motes of blue light as he teleports out of the room and back to his study.


Alphonse’s’ Study

After teleporting her Alphonse asked a maid to bring him a pitcher of lemonade and a coup glasses. He then pulled one of the drawers of his desk and pulled out the most recent military report. It was a list of all weapons, equipment, members, rations, and so on. Reading the names of the different branches of the military Alphonse’s eye twitches.

‘Army, Navy, Air Force, Royal Guard, Marines?, and Black Ops?……. I knew that we had an Army, Navy, Air Force, and Royal Guard because they were part of YGGDRASIL…..but the Marines and Black Ops were only meant to be part of the Lore….come to think of it wasn’t the Divination Tower also Lore only? Seriously guys I know we Role-Played as a Fantasy-Magic-Country in the game but this is just nuts.

The Army was already large with 15,000 Pops NPCs, now it’s at 45,000 because of the Lore? Jesus give me a break.’ Alphonse thinks to himself as he a anime sweat-drop forms on his forehead.

As Alphonse continues to look over the report he makes a mental note to make sure the rations are the proper amount for the amount of soldiers that are now present in his military.

‘Don’t want a starving populace but a well fed army, or a starving army with a well fed populace, or both of them starving for that matter, none of that would be good. Need to make sure that we have enough food stuffs being produced.’

During the game era the amount of Pop NPCs that Nythelond Umaren had to defend itself was 65,000 spread between the City Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, and the Adventurers that inhabited the Guild Base. Each had a commanding officer, General, or Admiral that were part of the level 100 custom NPCs.

The Adventurers had the Adventurers Guild Warden who was a NPC trained by one of the Founding Members of LDE.

Now however the entire military might of Nythelond Umaren is 200,000. This includes the noncombatants in the military too, Divination Tower personnel, etc. I just hope that our food stores are enough to feed my now larger populace and military. Thinks Alphonse as he continues perusing the papers for more info.

To explain the Marines and the Black Ops branches of the military is rather simple.

The Marines are members of each branch that handle the firearms and non magical explosives. They also are practitioners of hand to hand combat and swords, spears, and/or axes.

The Black Ops are specialists in infiltration, assassinations, and information gathering. The Lore for them made them similar to Ninjas, most of the Black Ops are Doppelgängers and Shadow Demons.

The combat uniforms for every branch has been enchanted with multiple enchants that include [Light Foot I], [Motion Control I], [Endurance II], [Body Reinforcement II], etc.

To explain the Adventurers Guild is rather simple as well. The ranking goes from Copper to Iron to Silver to Gold to Platinum to Mythril to Orichalcum to Adamantite. With Copper being the lowest rank and Adamantite being the apex of the rankings. The use of a precious metals system to grade the worth of Adventurers dated towards the beginning of the ‘isekai’ genre of stories, so it was only natural that LDE used it as well.

Still looking over the papers Alphonse forgets about lunch and continues working until it was supper time. Thinking that he could use with a meal he goes to the dining hall.


Imperial Dining Hall

As Alphonse enters the dining hall he sees someone he didn’t expect.



Authors Notes:

Lunar Dragon Empire Military Uniforms:

Army: the Army’s uniform is plate, chain mail, leather armors, a melee weapon, and a shield. The armors themselves have been painted to resemble camouflage colors so they can blend in with their environment more. But if they are to do battle on an open field they use an item to revert the colors back to a silver, grey, and dark blue coloration. The officers have a triangular motif in light blue with a white border on their left shoulder. The motif has silver bands going through it to denote the rank of the officer. The General of the Army has a light blue cape with the LDE symbol on them. (The armor for the Army is a lot more user friendly than the medieval knight armor that it is based on)

Navy: The Navy’s uniform is gray pants, gray shirt, with a blue tabard. They wear chain mail underneath the tabard and normally wield a saber or dual knives for combat. The officers have a similar motif on their left shoulders, only it has a grey border and grey bands going through it. The Admiral has a all white uniform with a dark blue shoulder cape with the LDE symbol on it.

Air Force: the Air Forces’ uniform is a leather or scale cuirass with chain mail underneath, they have hemp or cotton pants with leather or scale armors on them. Their boots have clips on them to hook onto the stirrups of their saddles, so they have zero chance of falling off their mounts during combat. Their vambraces and gauntlets have been enchanted to pull their weapon back to them if they drop it. As with the other branches the officers of the Air Force have a triangular motif on the left shoulder, theirs has a green border with green bands through it. The General of The Air Force wears the same uniform as the officers only has a cape with the LDE symbol on it.

Royal Guard: the Royal Guards uniforms consist of a enchanted valourite cuirass with mythril chain mail beneath it. Hemp trousers with valourite leg armor, valourite armor for the arms, a deep blue shoulder cape with the LDE symbol on it. The mages in the Royal Guard also wear armor but of the leather variety unless they have levels in the Armored Mage Class. The Vice-Captains have a triangular motif in dark blue over their hearts with a silver border. The Captain of the Royal Guard has a cape like the Generals do.

Marines: the Marines uniform is combat boots, camouflage cargo pants, and mythril alloy armor on the torso, shins, knees, and arms. Like the other officers in the other branches the officers of the Marines have a triangular motif on their shoulder with a black border and bands. The General for the Marines has a black star on his motif instead of bands.

Black Ops: the Black Ops uniform is primarily black Ninja garb that is enchanted to fit their current form. So if they change their forms the uniform changes with them. The Black Ops have no Officers but they do have a commander, they only answer to the Emperor unless told otherwise.

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  1. The Army was already large with 15,000 Pops NPCs, now it’s at 45,000 because of the Lore? Jesus give me a break.’ Alphonse thinks to himself as he a anime sweat-drop forms on his forehead.

    Lore goals much! I was wondering while reading overlord the first time through how backstory would work if the character didnt have an item it mentioned or something… interesting


    1. Yup, but Alphonse will find out that the amount of soldiers he has will be necessary in the coming chapters, not only that but he’ll need a hell of a lot more for the things I’m going to be throwing his way

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