Surviving Without Cheats in Another World: Prologue

Hello as the name of the story suggests this is my journey as a Earthling thrown into a chaotic world where Demons, Dragons, Dungeons, Demihumans, Humans exist.
Magic also exists but it is considered the Devils Work or Dervish Literature, you use it and you will automatically have a bounty on your head.
The only safeguard for magic is if it’s Healing Magic and you belong to the Church of Castoilia before you are able to use it, otherwise you are fucked.
Healing Magic, other than Light/Holy Magic, from the other Attributes are also considered heretical.
So they’re a no go.
Humans hate the Demons and Demihumans because they are considered heretical in the Castoilia faith.
Likewise the Demons and Demihumans hate Humans.
The Dragons don’t give two shits about anyone or anything but food, drink and an occasional brawl with another Dragon.
The Dragons Culture is rather intricate, but I’ll go into detail in the story later on.
This is the Prologue now calm your tits.

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