LDE Chapter 1-5

Chapter 1-5 Oh Hey, An Airship Authors Note: First is like to thank everyone for their patience and for everyone that enjoys this story that I’m writing. Secondly I’d like to remind everyone that I own nothing except my OCs and everything about them. I’d say more if I could think of it, if I […]

LDE Chapter 1.4

Chapter 1-4 The Empress, The Generals, and The Lunarians Authors Note: if you don’t already know here’s a disclaimer; The Overlord Universe is made and owned by Kugane Maruyama. I own only my OCs and their actions. If you’re wondering why it took so long to get this chapter out, I have zero time on […]

LDE Chapter 1.3

Chapter 1.3 I Believe I Can Fly Balcony outside of Alphonse’s Room Opening the door to the balcony by his room, Alphonse steps out into the cool and refreshing morning air. Taking a lung full of air he exhales then uses his Garden Dimension Key he opens the door and calls for one of his […]

Lunar Dragon Empire Chapter 1.2

Chapter 1.2 New Beginnings ‘The game was to shut down but why am I not in my DiveMount in the hospital?’ Thinks Alphonse as he opens his eyes and scans the room. Anthurium Blackpetal was sitting in the throne he made with her hand midair trying to press something. Looking towards the Generals and the […]

Dragon Empire

Chapter 1The End is Coming A Dragonoid Player can be seen walking through a forest. The forest was known as Dragon Fall Forest it was a Forest-type Dungeon in Midgard. It also made a natural barrier for the castle that lay beyond it. As the Dragonoid passes the tree line he disappears in a cloud […]